I have seen a dress I love, how do I order?

Congratulations on finding your perfect dress! Please contact us with the details of the dress you wish for us to order on your behalf. For all details, please refer to our 'How To Order' page.

Why can't I order immediately online?

We do not carry the dresses in stock ourselves - we either purchase in-stock dresses on behalf of the customer from the Designer or submit a special order if it is currently not available. Due to the nature of the products being held by the Designers, we cannot guarantee availability or dates until we have checked with the Designers once an interest has been expressed. This allows us to give accurate information to the customer on the availabilty of the dress prior to any payment being received.

Can I buy several dresses then return the ones I don't like?

Unfortunately, we currently only allow 1 purchase per customer. This includes future purchases - should a customer order a dress, return it and then attempt to order another dress it will be cancelled by us. We will explain the reasoning below: When we purchase the dress on a customers behalf, we offer the customer a refund policy, but unfortunately we as a business are unable to obtain a refund ourselves, so we are left with the returned product to try and re-sell. Due to this, it is not viable for us to allow customers to purchase more than 1 dress as returns would significantly outweigh the purchases, which would seize us from being able to offer this online service. We apologies for any disappointment this may cause - we advise all customers to ensure they choose the dress they love the most, and ask family and friends for guidance if they are stuck between several dresses. It is also worth visiting our 'Styling Tips' page for tips on picking the right dress for your shape type.

I have seen a dress by one of your Designers on Instagram, but cannot find it here. Can you help?

Yes! Most definitely! As the Designers carry thousands of dresses, we typically only advertise the latest collections or best-sellers due to their high in-stock availability. Older styles are more likely available for special orders (5-6 months wait) although there are some with immediate availability. Please feel free to pop us a message with the dress you have seen and we can obtain prices for you and advise aproximate delivery schedules.

Can I have the dress customised?

Currently our Designers do not offer custom. It is advisable to speak to a local seamstress if it is a minor change of design as they maybe able to assist.

What does in-stock and special order mean?

'In-Stock' are brand new gowns that the Designers have available for dispatch. The Designers carry many in-stock dresses for their latest collections due to their popularity. Special order is where a dress is not available in stock, but will be made to order on your behalf. This process will usually take between 5-6 months. Special orders are not custom. They will be made in the standard size according to the size you have requested from their chart.

How does payment work?

If you have requested an order, the invoice is payable within 14 days. It is adviseable to use this time to ensure you truly wish to order the dress, as we understand this is an important and expensive purchase. Once payment has been received, we will submit your order to the Designers and send you a confirmation receipt. In-Stock dresses require a 100% payment in advance. Special Orders require 50% on the initial order and 50% once the Designers notify us they are ready to ship. No dresses can be sent to the customer without all invoices being fully paid. If payment has not been recieved within the 14 days, we will assume you have changed your mind and will cancel the invoice on your behalf.

I ordered a dress and now wish to cancel

That is not a problem at all! Please contact us so that we may move forward with a cancellation and refund. Please note - you will not be eligible to place another order as part of our T&C's. If you have already received your dress, please refer to our returns policy and follow the guidance outlined in there.

Can I try before before I buy?

Unfortunately we do not hold samples of the dresses for customers to try. Instead, we offer a refund package should you not wish to keep the dress *Please refer to our Returns Policy for full details.

Where are you based?

We are part of Evolved Bridal based in Devon, UK. We operate 'Pretty Brides' as a separate entity due to the model difference of a traditional bridalwear shop and an online e-commerce platform.

My dress has arrived and it does not fit properly...

Your dress has been ordered according to the size that you ordered - this is not the same as custom fit. Therefore, it is very likely you will require alterations to the dress to fit your shape perfectly (strap lifts, hem-line shortening, letting out/in around the body and sleeve tightening if applicable). If the wrong size has arrived - please contact us for instructions. It is worth noting, that If you purchase a bridal dress from your local shop, you will find that most bridal dresses are ordered the same - in a standard size with alterations on arrival. Of course, ordering a custom dress may save on alteration expenses, but they are also non-refundable once an order has been placed.

I have damaged the dress but still wish to return it. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately it is unlikely we will accept the return of any products if they have been damaged - we offer customers an online prepping list that may assist in limiting any likely cause of damage, but it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the product is 100% in the same condition as received. This is part of our T&C's that were agreed to on ordering and no different to most customer returns with the majority of online businesses. Please refer to our Refunds Policy for full guidance.

Do you have any real pictures or swatches?

We have several dresses by the Designers we able to show you images of to help get a 'feel' of what their dresses look like. Unfortunately, the Designers do not hold in-stock pictures or swatches of each dress.