Time to get Ready!

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Prior to Arrival

You have been notified that your dress is soon to arrive, and now it's time to prep ready for the big reveal!


Check that you will be at home ready to receive your dress. 


Make some space in your wardrobe ready to hang the dress up.


Contact any friends or family to check when they are free if you would like to invite them over or do a video call



Make sure you have a mirror available for your much anticipated arrival and a suitable room that has been freshly cleaned and hazard free. Pegs can be useful to help pull in the dress but not essential. 


We strongly recommend to arrange to have someone who can help you with the dress. Your helper can assist with pulling the dress up, do up the zip/corset, pull the dress in at the back and lift the dress and straps where needed to see more of the overall and fitted effect. They can also take photo's if you need to ask advice from a seamstress. 


The dress is here!

Dress Arrival-Unpacking & Prep

It's so exciting once the dress arrives, here are some best practice TIPS to get you started... 


Place the box in a suitable area that is freshly clean and hazard free, close to where you will be storing the dress (this helps to prevent possible damage moving the dress bag from room to room). Use a sharp implement to carefully cut along the top postage box tape whilst being careful not to stick the implement too far in and to keep the box fully intact. (You will need this box to return the dress if you do not wish to keep it). Inside the postage box will be a bridal box containing your gown. Slide the box out carefully and undo the ribbon to open the Bridal Box. Slowly pull out the bridal gown cover and hang it up in a suitable area away from any wet or hazardous areas. Place the postage box, bridal box and any other packaging in a secure and dry area altogether where it will not get damaged.  


We highly recommend to have a shower/bath prior to trying the dress on. This may sound a little odd, but it's worth noting that wedding dresses catch marks VERY easily. Body products such as deodorant/hair products/make-up/moisturiser etc. could quickly leave marks which will lead to disappointment if you wish to keep the dress, and even worse if you wish to return it but it is refused. This can be an expensive mistake! 


Double Check your area - Wedding Dresses can be large so it is best to be very mindful of what is around you. Fabrics can easily catch items in the way which may lead to tears through the fabric. 


Your 1st Try-On

You maybe looking at the dress thinking "Where do I start?" It's ok, with these little TIPS you're all good to go. 


Unzip the bag and undo the zip/corset back with clean hands. Avoid fake nails or anything that could damage the fabric. If in doubt, wear some clean gloves. 


Carefully take the dress off the hanger. We will be 'Stepping Into' the gown rather than 'Over the head' as this is by far the easiest method, especially if you are alone. 


Place your hand through the top (the neck/bodice) and put the whole arm through to find the bottom of the dress. Once you've found the bottom and your arm is through the whole dress this will help to create a 'hole' you can step into without stepping on fabric. Now place this on the floor with the hole in the centre. If you cannot see your carpet/flooring through the hole and only dress fabric, just carefully push the fabric out of the way to prevent you stepping it on it.  


Step into your hole of the dress and carefully pull the dress up from the most structured part of the bodice (never pull up using the sleeves or mesh - this is very delicate and will easily damage). Take your time and try not to force it. We suggest 'wiggling' once you hit the thigh/derrière area. 


Zips & Corsets

Now your dress is on, this is certainly where it s handy to have a helper, so that they can do up the zip or corset. Again, take your time with zips as they are typically much firmer than regular zips so need some patience and treated delicately. You will find it much easier if the hook at the top of the zip is done up first, as this will hold the dress whilst you pull up the zip. Zips also go up easier if someone slightly straightens the back (zips do not like creased fabrics). 

If you have a corset, there are some great YouTube videos to follow, but here's a quick and simple guide:

Ensure the corset ribbon is equal in length on both sides of the dress before you start (otherwise half-way through you will run out of ribbon one-side and have excess on the other side)

Start from the top and work your way down.

Keep checking that the front dress bodice is sitting in the right place. It's easier if the bride holds the front in place to prevent the dress falling out of alignment. 

Thread each corset through lightly but straight. After 4-5 corset hoops down, go back to the top and start tightening up the ribbons. Once you have tightened them, continue to thread the next 4-5 and repeat the process until all hoops are completed and tightened to the brides liking. You can tighten each one as you do them but you will likely find they start to become loose anyway as not enough corset hoops have been done to start holding the dress up. Once done, you can tie the remainder into a ribbon or alternatively, some brides like to 'tuck in' the ribbon if they do not wish for it to be hanging at the back. 


Now the Dress is on, buttons done up you maybe be looking in the mirror thinking "it doesn't fit". It won't fit perfectly, as you're yet to have the alterations, which make the world of difference! 


To get an idea of the end result, here are some TIPS:

Puffy Length?

Dresses are all designed for typically 5'9 - 5'11 so it will likely be far too long. To start, tuck the excess bottom of the fabric (the hemline) under the dress. Skirts can appear much bigger and puffy if they are too long due to all of this fabric at the bottom. By tucking it under should give a better idea on the 'fall' of the dress once the bottom has been altered. Avoid wearing shoes at this stage, as this could easily cause holes in the fabric. 

Dress hanging too low?

Dresses are designed for 5'9-5'11 so where the dress sits will likely need 'lifting' especially if it has straps or sleeves. Ask your helper to pull up the dress from the back bodice until the front neckline is sitting in its correct place. The bride can then pull the straps/sleeves slightly to tighten to give a much more correct idea on the fitting. 

Straps and sleeves too long/large?

This is completely normal, as Designers will always tend to make them bigger/longer as every bride is a different height and body shape. The majority of dresses will require alterations on sleeves and straps to fit perfectly, and it is only possible with enough material to work with (hence more rather than less). Lightly pull in these areas with your hands to give you an idea of fit once altered. 

Not enough shape on the skirt?

We highly recommend purchasing a suitable hooped petticoat, as not only does it keep the skirts shape at all times, but it also helps with walking/dancing in general. We do not sell these currently, but there are plenty of online shops that do. Prices typically range from £20 - £90 depending on the petticoat. 


General Size

The dress will most likely require nips and tucks with the dress unless you are lucky enough to be the exact height, waist, bust and hip measurements of the dress. Don't worry - this is absolutely normal and typical in all Bridal Shops unless a Bride requests a custom order. 


Take Pictures

We highly recommend that you take some pictures of the areas you would like alterations and modifications on. This way, you can easily send these to your local seamstress to check anything prior to making a decision if you wish to keep the dress or not.



All finished. Undo the zip/corset gently and slide the dress off to the bottom of the floor and step out of the hole. Use the hanger straps (not the dress straps) to hang the dress back up on the hanger. Place the dress carefully back into its gown cover and hang back up and carefully do up the bag zip being careful not to catch any fabric.   

We hope you loved your try-on!

Packaging up the dress

We hope you love your wedding dress! However, if it's not the one and you wish to return it here's what to do:


  1. Leave all tags in place and quickly check over the dress to ensure it is still in its original condition

  2. Package the gown cover with the dress inside, along with any other accessories straight back into the bridal box provided (do not leave out)

  3. Place the bridal box back into the postage box by sliding it in gently to help prevent damage.

  4. Use appropriate box tape to seal the postage box up securely 

  5. Place the postage box in a suitable dry and clean area away from potential hazards

  6. Check and comply with our full Returns & Shipping Policy here

  7. Email us here to request an 'authorised return' from us

We are sorry we could not find you the dream dress. We wish you all the very best in your search. 

Not quite in love with it?